Welcome to the Zombie-Sprite Blog, Which consists of three members:

Here you will see our progression through the narrative project. We will be posting regular updates; everything from thumbnails to final piece.
Below is the sheet presenting the development of the Zombie Sprite's identity.

The zombie sprite development sheet:
The final version of the logo:

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  1. Good job Sam! I really like this website you created, keep up on good work with your team : )!!

  2. tutorphil says:

    Hey Sam, Kinbi and Vikki,

    I was thinking about what you said about not wanting to make your section too depressing, and I was reminded of a beer I drink sometimes - a real ale entitled 'London Pride' - which was named after a particular plant called 'Saxifrage urbium' - see link:


    It was called 'London Pride' because this was the plant that appeared all over London's bomb-sites following the blitz - a sign of hope and new growth out of the rubble and destruction - a sign of life continuing and resisting conflict. Anyway, 'London Pride' is associated with WW2, but not a symbol of death and destruction - maybe there are others? :)

  3. Thanks Phil, We'll have a look into that : )

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