Name: Hiro Onowanda
Origin: Japan
Occupation: Solider
Rank: Lieutenant
Mission:To kanikaze Allied warships in the Pacific Ocean

Hiro's plane crash landed in the jungle

He was 20 when He landed

He'd never heard other humans, until the point we meet him

Hiro never felt the need to speak and for 29 years he'd imitate the ambient noise of the jungle till he completely forgot how to speak his own language; he would shout and bark like an animal until this was all he knew

Hiro Onowanda was a Kamikaze pilot on a mission when his plane was shot down, it was a miracle he even survived and we meet him 29 years later when he's found by some students and is told the war is over, he doesn't believe them and after much deliberation and odd behavior from Hiro (sniffing and tasting the American) he's confronted with a newspaper showing that the Japanese surrendered "29 YEARS AGO!!" there's a slow turn of his head to face the camera with a blank but comical look on his face as we fade to white and end

This is the early part of the animation, where the viewer's introduced to Hiro, it's still a work in progress and works like a proof of concepts just to picture what it might be like

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