I'm not sure what's happening with the component editor; for some reason it's not loading my joints.

 I thought maybe the reason for this was that under the skincluster; use component was turned off, but after turning it on there was no change

I also thought maybe something went wrong with binding the skin, it seems to be there....


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  1. Can you see th ejoints in the paint weights tool?

  2. Yeah, if your referring to the joints on the right of the new screenshot I just added

  3. Ok, without being able to take a look at your scene to assess the problem I would suggest painting your weights instead of editing them in the component editor. Just remember the rules - add a value to a joint, never subtract, and don't use smooth. If it's still a problem email me your fie.

  4. Thanks Alan, I managed to finish rigging the eyebrows.

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